Bell Rock Proposal / Sedona, AZ / Trap + Sam

Surprise proposals are MAGICAL - I left this session with a permanent, cheesy smile on my face. ♥

Back in November, Trap reached out to me and told me all about his plans for proposing to Sam. He had been planning for quite some time and needed a photographer to wrap it up. We stayed in touch figuring out the perfect location, with just the right amount of Sedona scenery. Back and forth we planned, and we planned back-up plans. I was sure, being in AZ and all, rain wouldn't be much of an issue, but apparently the sunshine, the desert state decided to prove me wrong. These last few weeks have been cloudy, drizzly and downright moody.

The week of the plans came up quick and we checked in with each other about the weather, keeping an eye on it and anxiously hoping for the best. Needless to say, the day before the big question, Trap and I switched up plans last minute, to avoid a heavy downpour. The next day we lucked out with some light raindrops, and no typical over-crowded Sedona crowds to worry about. The moment was more than perfect. Sam said YES, of course, and these two were the absolute cutest couple ever. Their love and connection was so genuine and strong, they made my job super easy. The best part of it all.. Sam didn't have the slightest clue about any of it. A true success.

Wishing you two so much happiness and a smooth process in all of your future wedding plans! ♥

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