Golden Industrial Couples Session / Readan, WA / Tyanne & James

I know it's not just me when I say this... 2020 has been a wild friggin ride! A lot of which in unpleasant ways. I personally have been feeling so off, fried and out of my mind (which isn't too unusual being a literal hot-mess mom of 4) but this year has been more so.⁣

This weirdness has resulted in a bit of a creativity drain. I've been finding it a little harder to pull at my creative juices to get them flowing, Unlike usual where they often flow without trying. I think the uncertainty, the changes, and the strong pulls of many different things to remember with the world's current situation, is definitely the blame. This session with Tyanne and James was so needed, more than I realized actually. ⁣

Tyanne had a vision, different from my typical nature vibes and it was SO fun getting to help her plan it and do something different for the sake of creating. I hope it was just as needed for these two. I'm typically really good at intentionally setting aside time to step out of my creative comfort zone to do something for no other purpose than to have fun with it. 2020 flipped me upside down and I have not been sticking to that intentionality. I was reminded of how freaking VITAL is as a person in the creative industry. ⁣

It was a great reminder I needed. We all have those times in life where it's important to be intentional with catering to our mindset, slowing down, and finding where we need our cup filled in certain seasons of life. These two, without knowing were my reminder. Today I thought I'd be that reminder for you if you need it. I know you are faces struggles right, so I'd like to be your reminder. Friend, take a moment, breathe a few deep breathes, reconnect, and find that necessary intentional need. Fill your cup where you're running low. You need it. You deserve it. I will forever remind you of it. ⁣

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