Intimate Mountain Wedding / Oroville, WA / Kai & Levi

Kai and Levi's wedding was, well an adventure to say the least. Not your typical adventure, not the strap on your boots and trek, not literally anyways. Their ceremony was set out in a little oasis with stunning views, but the day consisted of fighting the weather. Possible rain made for last-minute tints needing to be put up. 20mph winds kept the tables from being made. The love held strong, the group that these two had to help and do all they could, was absolutely amazing to watch.⁣

The blushing bride, Kai was of course a little shook up. Her well thought out system was compromised, in every sense of the word. She carried on, her amazing family and friends calmed her nerves as best they could and offered the reminder that you will marry this man today.⁣🙌

After about 30 mins of waiting off a storm, we made the drive out of the ceremony site. On the way, we were hit with heavy rain. I have no doubt that everyone was saying some prayers. We were ready to move everything inside if that's what this meant. We pulled up, the rain lessened, and the original plan started. People were seated. The groom, Levi, awaited his bride. As soon as Kai started to make her way down the aisle, the sprinkling stopped. She met her man, both full of joy, not a care in the world. The clouds parted and the sun hit those two like a spotlight as they read their vows.✨ It was jaw-dropping beauty that really can't be described, one of those, have to be there moments. I'm so honored I was apart of it.⁣

It all worked out the way it was meant too, at that point it was obvious. If the original timeline had stuck, everyone would've been dumped with rain, or blown away by the wind. These two kept on like true troopers, facing every obstacle with one purpose - Marrying the one they love!💕 When it comes down to it, isn't that what the day is all about? It wasn't perfect but it was 100% perfectly imperfect.⁣

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