Watson Lake Adventure Engagement / Prescott, AZ / Cam + Nicole

Meet my new best friends ;) No, but really Cam and Nicole were a blast to hang out with. Their session was definitely more of a hang out than a job. Me, being the professional third wheel and all.

This all started back when Cam proposed to Nicole on a beach!! In Hawaii!!!! Yesss, what-a-dream, right!? Anyway, not long after that, I got a message from Nicole about doing their wedding. You see where this is going. ;) We met, chatted about all things life and wedding. They're a goofy, fun-loving couple both wanting unique and something different to really show their love and who they are as a couple. My heart sang and I was more than up to it!

We started their session in downtown Prescott, which I LOVE! You might be surprised to know, not many love to do the urban downtown vibe type of shoot. There, we danced at the courthouse square, snuggled up with buildings (high school hallway style), and then cooled off with some ice cream! Because in Arizona, it's a must!

After all that fun, we headed over to another one of my faves in Prescott - Watson Lake. This place is freaking amazing. Arizona has such a wide variety of gorgeous scenic views. Definitely something I know I'll miss when we make our move. We got there in the little bit of sunlight remaining. The rocks were lite up, Cam and Nicole were all extra when it came to being in front of the camera... Pretty much they rocked it. ♥

Can't wait to see these two get married in September!! ♥

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