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I know that sometimes outfit planning for your session can be stressful. Where do I start? What is good for the camera? What looks good on me? You would be surprised how many messages I get for outfit ideas from clients and I love it! So, since I am asked quite often (and love helping out with your session planning) I have put together a few tips, as well as an inspiration board.

I will try my absolute best to keep this short, simple and to the point with clear cut suggestions to help you dress for your special session! My number one advice though is, dress true to yourself. Wear your style and what you actually would wear anytime.

* Steer clear of fluorescent/neon colors, crazy busy patterns (tasteful florals work well) and anything with logos or writing, this can be distracting in your images 

* Make sure you dress for your surroundings and create contrast. So, if you're location is a wooded grassy place, try to stay away from too much green. You want to pop not blend

* Start with an outfit you love and build everyone else's outfit off of that, matching is out and can look awkward. Coordinating is best! Choose a color scheme 3 to 4 colors max. This will help with coordinating outfits for a whole family!

* Wear what you feel beautiful/sexy/handsome in! If you aren’t comfortable in what you’ve chosen for pictures, it will show

* Camera loves layers! This creates texture and playful movement. In the summer; cute belts, summer cardigans, accent jewellery. In the fall and winter; cardigans, belts, statement necklaces, scarves, hats, blazers, etc.

* Dress for the weather, and occasion. Be flexible and ready to embrace the weather given for you session - I assure you no matter rain or shine (as long as its safe condtions, we will have fun!

* Maxi dresses are easy to shop for, can be used for any season. Also, flattering and comfy on all body types. They're playfullness adds movement to your images and movement is captured so well in photos!

* If you prefer jeans; pair them with a cute pair of booties, strappy sandals (if you're a heel fan, wedges are a good choice to walk in, heels can benefit in accentuating your legs)

* If wearing heels, make sure to bring an extra pair of shoes for walking or any hiking if your session includes this

* Plan a day and/or girl day out, take youself or a friend shopping with you to help figure out what looks best! This is just all in good fun really! Your session should be something you look forward to, not stress over. I'm here to help in every way!

* Take what you love about your body and show it off. This will exude confidence in your photos because you will feel comfortable and like yourself.

* For your guys, keep it simple, and coordinate colors (but make sure with him that he'll be comfortable in the options) Simple basic tees are great for casual looks, collard shirts, and button downs are perfect for a little more dressed. If he wants to get fancy you can layer with ties, watch, suspenders, etc.

* Always feel free to send me pictures of your ideas while out shopping! I love to get those pictures and I love helping you pick the perfect outfit!

Last but not least here is my inspiration board to help you with some ideas! ♥

>> Whispering Daisy What-to-Wear 

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